Friends Music Camp

There will be a Friends Music Camp, at Olney Friends School (Barnesville, OH), July 11th – August 8 2010.

I have a copy of the application, which must be accompanied with a $100 deposit.  It is for musicians between the ages of 10 and 18.

The website is and you can email for more details.


NYM Treasurer Report

I have a copy of the NYM Treasurer’s report, which includes Fiscal Year 2009, and Fiscal Year 2010 to Date. (May 28th, 2010)

Comment if you’d like a copy.

State of the Meeting/Society Reports

I have, from NYM, a number of State of the Meeting/State of the Society Reports from small groups like ours. I also have the Twin Cities State of the Meeting Report with them.

If anyone is interested in reading them, comment for a copy. I can email a scan, or  I can drop off/arrange for pickup of the reports.

Accepting Gifts of the Spirit

This is the name of the 2010 Gathering of Friends (FGC), July 4-10, in Bowling Green, Ohio.  I have both a flyer and brochure on it, (the advance program) but you can also get information at or email .

Iowa Child Advocacy Board

DACU (Dubuque Area Congregated United) let us know about two programs with the Iowa Child Advocacy Board that need volunteers.

The first program is the Foster Care Review Board, which is currently looking for female volunteers to provide gender balance on two of the boards. There are 3 review boards that meet once a month to ensure case planning is carried out in a way that children are moved through the foster care system as quickly and safely as possible.

The second program is Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) which advocate for children in Dubuque who have been abused or neglected.  They are the voice of the children in the courtroom and the child welfare system,.  They are assigned to one family at a time, and gather information, monitor the court’s expectations, and report to the court on behalf of the child’s best interests. Time commitment varies.  They need at least 5 volunteers, more if at all possible.

You can call Shirley Hoefer at 582-6219 or email shirley if you are interested.

Playing in the Light Workshop

On October 15 – 17, 2010, there will be a workshop called “Playing in the Light: A How-to Godly Play Workshop for Quakers” at Pendle Hill. It will be presented by Caryl Menkhus, Melinda Wenner Bradley and Michael Gibson. FGC Religious Education Coordinator Michael Gibson can be contacted at 215-561-1700 or emailed at for more details.  You can also find out more about the program at and learn more about Godly Play and their own Quaker supplement to it, Faith & Play.  For actual workshop registration and cost details, please contact Pendle Hill at 610-556-4507; 800-742-3150.

NYM Faith & Practice

Northern Yearly Meeting is rewriting their draft of the chapter about children in their Faith and Practice.  The contact for a paper copy or input is Kathy White, 6210 Devon Court, Madison, WI, 53711. Her email is .