Accepting Gifts of the Spirit

This is the name of the 2010 Gathering of Friends (FGC), July 4-10, in Bowling Green, Ohio.  I have both a flyer and brochure on it, (the advance program) but you can also get information at or email .


Playing in the Light Workshop

On October 15 – 17, 2010, there will be a workshop called “Playing in the Light: A How-to Godly Play Workshop for Quakers” at Pendle Hill. It will be presented by Caryl Menkhus, Melinda Wenner Bradley and Michael Gibson. FGC Religious Education Coordinator Michael Gibson can be contacted at 215-561-1700 or emailed at for more details.  You can also find out more about the program at and learn more about Godly Play and their own Quaker supplement to it, Faith & Play.  For actual workshop registration and cost details, please contact Pendle Hill at 610-556-4507; 800-742-3150.

Strengthening Our Meetings as Caring Communities

Jaro has directed me to a wonderful article on the FGC website.  It is called “Strengthening Our Meetings as Caring Communities” and really expresses quite well not just the importance of being a community as well as simply a Meeting/Worship Group, but how to foster that spirit in your own circle.  It includes some Queries that I think would make excellent reflections for our First Day Worship, and I may draw from that in the times to come if we are in need of one for our use.

I know that I often speak of not just how my family has been welcomed as a whole by our group to others, but I speak of how you welcome and treat my son.  It seems so organic and natural, the respectful and dignified way you treat him, and I hope all those who come in contact with us can feel that same spirit.

There is also a link in the sidebar to more resources on this topic, if you’d like to read those as well.  Feel free to comment below, too. Everyone’s thoughts are welcome here.

FGC Finance Information

Available is a letter from Friends General Conference (December 2009) regarding Meeting finances.  It covers grants for energy audits, loans for purchase/renovations, casualty and property insurance, and scholarships for upcoming FGC events (Gathering, and Faith & Play Training).  Can be brought to Meeting or comment for other arrangements.