NYM Treasurer Report

I have a copy of the NYM Treasurer’s report, which includes Fiscal Year 2009, and Fiscal Year 2010 to Date. (May 28th, 2010)

Comment if you’d like a copy.


State of the Meeting/Society Reports

I have, from NYM, a number of State of the Meeting/State of the Society Reports from small groups like ours. I also have the Twin Cities State of the Meeting Report with them.

If anyone is interested in reading them, comment for a copy. I can email a scan, or  I can drop off/arrange for pickup of the reports.

NYM Faith & Practice

Northern Yearly Meeting is rewriting their draft of the chapter about children in their Faith and Practice.  The contact for a paper copy or input is Kathy White, 6210 Devon Court, Madison, WI, 53711. Her email is kathyw@uwalumni.com .

Northern Yearly Meeting Annual Session

We received an announcement that NYM is having their annual session May 28-31, at the Lion’s Camp in Rosholt, Wisconsin.  Further information will be posted as we receive it.  You can also check their website, but as of this writing, only the dates and place are posted.

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NYM News

The January 2010 issue of Northern Yearly Meeting News (Vol 14, No. 1) is available.  Information on upcoming events, minutes, news on the trip to El Salvador, the TCFM Legal Marriage equity Minute, Faith & Practice Committee, Camp Woodbrooke, and some positions available.  Comment if you’d like to see it!